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I’d like to thank everyone who lent me their time for this project. A special thanks to Sandy Chocan and his family for touring me around Onion Lake Cree Nation, Brian MacDonald, Joseph Naytowhow, Leonard Fox, Irene, Andy, Bryanna and the rest of the Carter family, Randy and Keesic Morin and Lindsay Knight, Cort Dogniez, Orest Murawsky, Jean Okimasis, Belinda Daniels, Jenise Vangool, Sanford Strongarm, Karen Rabbitskin, Brent Dillon, Terry Clark and the parents and grandparents and teachers of the students at Kihew Waciston, St. Frances, and Confederation Park schools.

I’d like to thank my adviser, Mary McGuire, for her excellent comments and suggestions, as well as John Kelly for looking over my proposal.

Another thank you goes to Ken Chase, web designer, for answering many questions and finding a way to make things work with my site.

Finally, I’d like to thank all the friends and family that supported me throughout the last two years, especially with this project.


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